Who are we?

Mar Celeste is a parto of Inntegra group, a consortium of the firm, proudly from Colima, stating also that Inntegra is the only tourism company winner of the States Grand Prize winner in Recognition to Tourism 2017.

Hotel Mar Celeste

Located among the best área with the best beach that the heavenly municiple of Manzanillo presumes to have, located only 30 minutes to the airport an 10 minutes to commercial plazas, it is placed at a new tourist accomodation concept in the región. Our hotel which is a 5 star category, is prepared to receive the most demanding guests in terms of quality of service and leisure is concerned, with our exclusive rooms with an ocean view and Oceanides restaurant, which offers delectabe dishes a la carte in the same premises.

Guest commitment

For those of us who work in Mar Celeste, ¡Its a great pleasure to welcome and receive you! We are thankfull for your prefference and trust, and we truly wish that your stay with us is pleasurable.

Our daily compromise is to offer an EXEPTIONAL service fullfilling your travel needs fact thet we try our best to make you feel at home.

To improve on a daily basis is our reason of true effort , your comentaries or suggestions are very important to continue in our way of work and client satisfaction. Do not doubt to express and communicate your point of view an opinión about our service, we will gladly listen to your commentaries.

In this directory you will find information that will become very valuable about services and instalations that we offer, as well as our internal policies and information about our city , and together with our friends in Mar Celeste we offer you or warmest WELCOME.

Acts of responsibility and safegarding the enviorement

In Mar Celeste we asume the compromise of Social Responsibility offering our clients am exceptional service within the best instalation, responsable to our clients, society and the enviorment.
As follows, here are some of our actions implemented:

We have a defribilator to attend heart emergencies in the Miramar área. The defibrillator is a fundamental devise for the treatment of of cardiac attac. Alos we have a lifeguard on duty with ample knowledge in the theme.

The menú at Oceanides restaurant is adpted to braile language as well as the guide for room services, if required we may provide these.

All of our rooms include technology saving device such as invertir air conditioner, mixed gas and solar pannels heating systems reducing 70% on electric consumptio, also an own created technology which turns off the air conditioner if the guest leaves his or her picture window open for more then 3 minute, helping for unnecesary use of such resourse.

We have a White laundry policy each third day on long stays (from 7 days on) in order to sabe wáter and use of detergents.If our guests wish their White laundry to be cleaned ther will be a simbolic charge of $5 pesos per ítem, thus the ammount collected will be totally donated to Casa Hogar Los Angelitos (Foster home and school) in the city of Manzanillo, Colima, organization which we help support the well being of 16 children.

Consious that all products made with unicel take at least 300 yearsfor its degradation, and that a great part end up in lakes, beaches or rivers, Inntegra Groupand Mar Celestehas assumed the policy of 0 unicel, replaced by bio degradable materials for packageing, leaving behind the use of this material.

We offer as well a kayak tour absolutely ecologicalwith the bjective to promote ecological concience and respect for all livng things, flora and faunaof the región. The tour takes place in the Estero La Boquita, departing from a duration of aproximatelly 2 hours, and instructors are fully qualified with 3 stars in WFR. If you are interested in participating,our guests assistant can provide much more information.

Mar Celeste bears the National REgistry in Tourism, with a qualification of 5 stars bgranted by the National System of Hotel requirements, in Trip Advisor we are among the best 5 hotels in Manzanilloand its booking provides a punctuation of 8.9, one of the best in the región.

Do you know the difference between inclusive and including?

We are changing and transforming, going through being inclusive, prepared with ramps for Access to wheelchairs and including replacing steps with rams and railingsas wel as painted guide lines for the blind and people with poor sight, in Mar Celeste (ww.marceleste.com) everyone, no matter if limitations or not they are now coming in through the main door. We have menus and service directry in Brile.